1. Bahrain 2014 GP, Seb gets a message he’d never expect.

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    That last comment gets it.
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    Well seeing as we are making excuses. Chilton should have won but his setup was shit, there is no better driver.
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    Towards the end Daniel and Sen were fighting and Sebs DRS flap was open. It was only inactive for a few laps. Plus...
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    I am just super stoked that all of the comfort everyone had last year is totally up in the fuck air and no one has any...
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    Who cares it was fun to see Seb’s teammate beat him.
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    Ye his DRS started working again but by then it was too late, but I’ve been really impressed with Ricciardo, such...
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    His DRS started working again in the 2nd half of the race, I seen him using it against someone. Daniel is taking the...
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    He didn’t have DRS and his setup was shit and you know it. There is no better driver. And fuck Lewis!
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